Top 10 Break Up Movies of all Time Worth Watching

Heartbreaking Breakup Movies
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Top 10 Break Up Movies of all Time Worth Watching:

Here’s the List of the Most Heartbreaking Breakup Movies of All Time.

A Star Is Born:

Professional singer Jackson falls in love with newbie artist Ally. She has given up on her dreams. Jackson guides her to the spotlight. Also, their relationship is sinking while Jackson is trying to fight his inner darkness.

Brokeback Mountain:

Two cowboys who fall in love with each other, a so-called forbidden relationship. Unable to accept their love because of society. Their personal life gets ruined.

The Fault in Our Stars:

Hazel is a girl, suffering from cancer who meets a boy Augustus at an event; develops feelings for one another. They fell deeper into love through their journey but their cruel fate confronts them.

The Notebook:

The beautiful story starts with Noah as a lover but gets separated by fate. After many obstacles, Noah finds his way to Allie but nothing works their way.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

After getting devastated by a painful breakup, Clementine goes to the extremes of measure by deciding to erase her memories of her ex-boyfriend Joel. After knowing this, Joel also decides to erase his memories. They through the procedure of forgetting the love they had.

Begin Again:

After getting fame, Greta’s boyfriend cheats on her. Greta, a jolly young songwriter, now heartbroken, begins her journey to find her recognition.


Two heartbroken couples going through their lives trials until no hope of mending is left. In the end, they recollect it all and try to justify what they have done so far.

My Best Friend’s Wedding:

Julianne’s childhood friend proposes to another woman which makes her realize that she has loved him all along. She tries to break their bond and take him, only to suffer heartbreak in the end.

Things I Hate About You:

Kate, a cold and aloof girl, hides her heartbreak for years. She meets a boy who makes her fall deeply in love but leaves her alone to suffer again.

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