How to Safely and Securely Use ATMs – A Guide on How to Use

How to Safely and Securely Use ATMs
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There are millions and billions of ATMs around the world. To be precise, you can see an ATM at every corner of your street in your country, especially in India. ATM, aka Automated Teller Machine, is a mini bank at your convenience, where you can withdraw your money at one single steady slash. It saves your time from waiting in long queues. But with ease, there also comes significant responsibilities, Because as Everyone uses ATMs, there are also high chances of theft and fraud that customers usually get into. To protect users from being stolen, below is a list of tips on how to safely use ATMs.

While approaching an ATM, the things to be considered in mind are; make sure a watchman is guarding outside – without no one to be protected, anyone can come in and go. If not a guardian, ensure a surveillance camera is attached at the ATM and then proceed. Usually, thefts are prone to happen in areas where there is no life. When you spot an ATM in this kind of lifeless area, it is advised to avoid them and instead use ATMs in busy places.

Personal Identification Number, aka PIN, is the four-digit number to access your card. Make sure you don’t share them with anyone or write them down anywhere. Beware of spam calls that have been widespread among the public. Always remember that Banks never call their customers to ask for their PINs. As much as you can avoid going alone to ATMs during nights or take a known person along with you, someone that you trust. If there is an ATM that you are most familiar with, try using only them so that you will know its whereabouts rather than trying new places. If there is an error in your transaction once, contact your bank immediately before giving it a second try. Banks usually inform their customers if their ATMs are out of service. Remember to get the receipt at the end of your withdrawal so that you will track your transactions and others will not view your personal information. Before inserting your card, always check on the card skimmer.

If you act accordingly, you can then withdraw money safely with the above points mentioned.

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