Best Apps to Buy Crypto currencies

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Written by Oliver

Are you still confused to choose which apps you should use to buy cryptocurrencies? According to, this is a complete list of the best cryptocurrency apps in India.

  1. Binance: In India, it is one of the best apps for buying cryptocurrencies. This app is straightforward to use. Beginners can easily use them. This app can trade (buy and sell) your cryptocurrencies effortlessly. You can also see your trading history on this app. It has multiple cryptocurrency options for trading. You can limit your market orders in this app.
  1. CoinDCX: It is another efficient cryptocurrency app in India. Here money trading occurs in a reserved manner to not lose much money. As a beginner, you can interact with this app in a user-friendly environment. You can trade in a safer      position here. If you want to make investments for more than 10,000 rupees, you have to submit your KYC documents.
  1. CoinSwich: It’s another efficient cryptocurrency app in India. It provides a user-friendly environment. You can start investing with a small amount in 100+ different cryptocurrencies here. You have to complete the KYC processing first. It approves instant transactions here. This app has received immense support from customers to date.
  1. WazirX:This app involves exchanging money in the form of bitcoins, dollars, and rupees. This app consists of the usage of different types of cryptocurrencies. Also, there is the availability of many contests here from where you can earn money. You can provide a password in this app to ensure your safety. You can deposit any amount here starting from 100 rupees. It takes charge of rupees 5.9 for NEFT and RTGS.
  1. Unocoin: This app also comes with the feature of a user-friendly environment. It also supports a lot of cryptos. This app requires updating your KYC processing. You can use this app for a free trial of 60 days, and then you have to pay a fee for it. You will be a gold member of this app then. Unlike other cryptocurrency app, they require a minimum of 1000 rupees to invest. But your NEFT and RTGS will never need a charge. This app provides a password to ensure your security first.

So, finally, I hope that you have got enough information about the best cryptocurrency apps. They have similar features, more or less. So, choose wisely among them.


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