How to Stay Fit and Healthy?

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How to stay fit and healthy?

Health industry and aspect as a whole has grown by many folds. In today’s times population is becoming conscious to stay healthy and fit at all times. First of all there are no short cuts to it and second it’s always “work in progress”. There are some tips to include in daily routine to stay healthy and fit till the end of time.

  • Walking/Exercising: is inescapable, because five days in a week for 45 minutes per day you choose to walk, run, swim, gym, exercise or do yoga. Use staircase, park your car 500 meters away from your destination, to inculcate walking as a habit.
  • Hydrate: H2O is your best friend for many reasons. You cannot live without it. Consume minimum of three litres everyday preferably room temperature for regular bowels, skin, eyes, muscles and hydration of course.
  • Fix your meal timings: No cheating on meal timings, body responses best if kept in routine. Also include your rich and heavy portions before 12 noon. After that meals should be light. Early dinners have major role to play in your weight, auto immune health and good nights.
  • Stay positive: God has made humans with emotions. Yet it’s a choice in your hand to pick your action wisely. Positive thinking allows good health to remain and reduces stress level. A common cause for all auto immune disorders is anxiety, stress, anger, panic etc.
  • Drop bad habits: hard drinks, fast food, sweets, less physical activity or a couch potato is guests not to be entertained in your life at all. Life is about experiencing and living to the fullest in the healthy fit way.
  • Don’t be scared of doctors: get your health check-up done at regular intervals. It is better to nail the cat before it is out of the cage. Your lipid profile is of great importance every six months.
  • Sleep well: A good6-7 hours of sleep is required to recover from the daily wearing out of the body. Before sleep it’s important to say good bye to all unwanted thoughts and next day planning. Tell your mind it’s time to sleep and you need one.
  • Don’t skip meals to reduce weight. It increases acidity and toxins in your body. Resulting to stress, mood swings and feeling hungry. Divide your meals in small six portions for the entire day. It keeps your metabolism kicking and in check.


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